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What antlers & skulls can I mount using your products?

Our Champion and Ranger products are designed for any set of deer antlers regardless of whether they have been sitting around your garage for years or you just shot your first buck.  
           Our European Mount provides a full skull-mount and is capable of supporting small to mid-size skulls including all deer species, alligator, black bear, hogs, cats, and some exotic animals such as gazelle and impala.

         How soon after I place my order can I expect to receive my plaque?

At Antlers Only®, we understand the thrill of success when you hang your newly mounted antlers on the wall; therefore, we are dedicated to getting your plaque to you as quickly as possible. Generally, your order will ship from our facility within approximately 10 days of the date you place your order.    


What are your shipping & handling rates?

All our orders are shipped UPS Ground at a flat rate of just $9.00.


What payment methods do you accept?

We currently accept credit and debit cards via PayPal, the world's largest and most widely accepted online payment portal.


Can the European Mount be used on big game (Elk, Moose, etc.)?

Currently, our European Mount is designed specifically for skulls of mid-sized game such as deer, alligator, bear, coyote, wild boar, and the like.  We hope in the future to offer something for larger game; however, we do not presently endorse using it for larger game since it is not constructed to support significant weight.


Do you offer customized nameplates?

While all our nameplates are “personalized,” we do not currently offer “customized” nameplates.  Our personalized nameplates, which are 2" x 8", showcase all the most important information regarding your in-field success: Your name, the month & year of kill, the weapon used, distance of your shot, and the number of points on your buck (when applicable).


Do you offer antler or skull cleaning services?

We do not. All of our products are do-it-yourself packages with our simple, quick-mounting system. 


What is included in my order?

All our products are finished in the background style of your choice and all mounting equipment securely installed on the plaque.


Can I remove my skull from the European Mount once it is already mounted?

Your mounted game skull can be easily removed from the Skull Hanger arm of the European Mount, to allow friends and family to hold your mount in their own hands. Then, as simply as you lifted it off the mount, you can place it securely back in position again.  


Do I need any special tools for Antlers Only® products?

Aside from a basic screwdriver, no tools are required for mounting your antlers or skull to any of our products.


How do I properly hang my mount on the wall?

It is important when hanging your mount to have a strong screw firmly fastened to the wall, preferably one which ‘catches’ a wall stud to maximize stability.


Is there a stand I can purchase for your plaques?

Our Recognition Plaque can be displayed standing on its own or hung on a wall.  However, at this point, our antler and skull mounting products can be proudly displayed as wall-mounts only. We do not currently offer a stand for these products.

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