John Recznik, CEO & COO

As the head haunch and ultimate mastermind behind AntlersOnly, John is deeply involved in every aspect of the process. Having developed the flawless designs and styles through meticulous handcrafting and trial & error over the last several years, he is passionate about offering a top-quality product that profoundly raises the standard of antler mounting and gives every outdoorsman the recognition he deserves for his hunting success. John assists with answering emails and phone calls himself (at least when he is not vested in orange and sitting in his treestand of course). His hobbies include hunting, hunting and hunting. However, he knows that it is only through the profound blessings of God and the support of his family that he is able to do this. 

While John Recznik may have originally envisioned the product ideas, AntlersOnly truly involves the entire family. Read on to meet the crew…


Mary Recznik, Customer Service Manager/Wife & Mother

Personally answers emails and phone calls, assisting customers in all their needs. Also very patiently listens to hunting banter and helps with the bagging of bloody deer meat, Mary is the heart of the Recznik home and, consequently, of AntlersOnly as well. As John’s better half, she can turn kills into a fine venison meals and has an arsenal of flavorful recipes. Mary also offers Grandma’s Babysitting Service for her grandchildren so that her son, Ed, and daughter-in-law, Becky, can enjoy the hunting season.


Edward Recznik, Sales Manager/Son

The elder of John’s sons, Ed helps manage and encourage product sales for AntlersOnly. When not at his day job (ok, sometimes even while he is), he dreams of Elk hunting in Alaska and of the day when his two young sons will join him in the treestand. He is happily married to the love of his life and hunting buddy, Becky.


Becky Recznik, Website Manager/Daughter-in-law

Daughter-in-law Becky offers her writing and editing skills as the website manager for AntlersOnly. She proudly dresses her two young sons in orange & camo and enjoys escaping into the woods during hunting season with her husband and her pink Diamond bow.


Casey Recznik, Marketing Manager/Son

AntlersOnly’s Marketing guru, Casey proudly offers his expertise to his dad, assisting in product videos, developing a social media plan and occasionally dabbling in product development as well. He is married to a beautiful Wisconsin farmgirl who loves hunting almost as much as he does (if that is possible).


Laura Recznik, Product Design & Marketing/Daughter-in-law

Though a little new to the AntlersOnly® scene, Laura’s hunting experiences as a farmgirl from Wisconsin have offered unique insight into product design and the marketing plan. She enjoys many types of hunting, including coyote, deer, turkey and bear, and can skin and butcher a deer like a pro.


Joanie Recznik, Product Design Consultant & Video Production/Daughter

The only daughter and youngest of the family, Joanie adds the artistic touch to AntlersOnly® with her photographs being featured not only on the website, but also on the products themselves. Not only does she produce all the product videos and capture the family’s hunting success and fond memories on film, but she also helps with deer drives during gun season, dragging the deer and bagging the meat. Her encouragement keeps everyone going after a long day of hunting in the Ohio woods...